Just So You Know

Some Characters Beg to be Reborn The three women of The Vance Legacy hadn’t physically died at the end of the book but their lives were essentially over in my head. They left Virginia, like a well-known neighbor who moves out of the neighborhood. You don’t exactly mourn their leaving and though you may wish them well, over time, you will forget them. That’s what happen to my relationship with Beth, Lillian and Rebecca. Then people started asking me about a sequel, something that never occurred to me. I was done with those characters and had begun to do some research for another novel. However, the subject just would not go away. Besides the many emails I received from readers, many of the pe

Just So You Know . . .

Family Secrets/ The Bleaching of American History The Vance Legacy, my first novel, told the story of a family destroyed by secrets. At the time, I let my imagination run wild with the “what if” scenarios. More recently though, the issue of family secrets has been brought to the forefront of my consciousness. After reading and reviewing, Keepers of the House by Shirley Ann Grau, I began to wonder just how prevalent miscegenation was in the south during and after slavery. Most people have heard the rumors of George Washington’s son, West Ford, born to his mulatto slave named Venus. We’ve heard of Sally Hemmings, beloved slave of Thomas Jefferson who bore at least six of his children. More rec


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