Just So You Know

Times of Joy and Sorrow Kindle Store from March 9 – March 13 This is a collection of African American short literature. The Short Story It is difficult to say exactly when the short story came into existence but its origins lie in humans desire to retell an experience. Many cultures pass down their oral history through storytelling. Storytellers in the West African Mende and Mali tribes are called “Griots.” They are musicians and storytellers, retelling the history of the people through entertainment. The short story has evolved over the years to an art form that is able to touch every human emotion and is only limited by the imagination of the writer. The inspiration for my short stories ca

Just So You Know

Boxing: March 7, 1987, Mike Tyson becomes the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history as he defeats James “Bonecrusher” Smith to unify the WBA and WBC heavyweight titles. More: Let Us Not Forget Sunday, March 7, 1965, dubbed “Bloody Sunday,” is the day that the Southern Christian Leadership Conference led a protest march (current Congressman John Lewis was a participant) from Selma to Montgomery Alabama across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. They were blocked by law enforcement and a brutal assault on the protesters ensued. The march was in response to an earlier Voter’s Rights Protest during which Jimmy Lee Jackson was shot and


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