Just So You Know

(The Vance Legacy begins in 1832 and Lillian is a slave. She is unable to read or write at this time. However, her diary is based on what she would have written if she had a diary and was able to read and write.) Friday, March 9, 1832 I can sometimes still hear my Mama saying, “Lillian, never let them see you cry. Some of them is so evil that they take pleasure in our hurt and weakness.” Even as a child, I took that advice to heart and learned to hide my feelings. I was proud that no one knew what I was thinking or feeling. I learned to walk with my head held high and my face plain and unsmiling, but all of my reserve turned to dirt the moment Massa David came home with the woman. It has bee

Just So You Know!

I’m calling this, The Big Move, because moving was the biggest thing to happen in my life in decades. It is also the major reason why I have been absent from the internet for the past month. My husband and I sold our family home of more than forty years and moved into a small apartment. This was something that I had been contemplating for many years for a variety of reasons. The house was just too big for only two people; keeping our three bedroom house clean was becoming more and more difficult; and the upkeep of the house was becoming too expensive. However, the main reason that made this move appealing was the search for peace and quiet. The sounds of the city became disruptive to my crea


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