Blind Judgement

This story was published in Times of Joy and Sorrow “You smell!” “So do you.” “Yeah, but you smell so bad that even the rats don’t want to get too close to you.” “Can’t see no rats, but I can smell you,” Griffin taunted the younger man. “How long you been without a bath?” Walter didn’t answer right away. The space between the two men seemed to stretch in the short silence. “Long as you,” Walt finally said. “You don’t know how long I been without a bath,” Griffin answered indignantly. “I didn’t even know you before today and, in fact, I smelled you before I met you.” “Oh, that’s real funny old man. Take a bow.” This time the silence was even longer and they seemed to grow even further ap

Black Lives Have Always Mattered

Black Lives Matter is not a new sentiment or creed. Black lives have always mattered. We mattered when the colonizers decided that we were less than human. We were kidnapped from our homeland with no thought to our families, indigenous faiths or languages. We mattered even when they saw us as chattel, like a horse or a donkey, property to be bartered and sold. We mattered when we toiled from sunrise to sunset on their lands and increased their wealth. We mattered when we birthed their children and then raised those children. We mattered when we built their cities and communities not knowing that one day we would be prevented from living in those communities. We mattered when we fought in eve


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