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The Tide Between Us

By Olive Collins

I am a lover of historical fiction and I especially love fiction that focuses on lesser-known historical facts. I was well aware of the enmity between Britain and Ireland. I have read other novels about England transporting petty criminals to the Americas and Australia to serve as indentured servants. However, until reading this novel I did not know that citizens of Ireland, including children, were transported to Jamaica. This is the story of one such Irish child who grew up in Jamaica, working on a sugar plantation, and mingling with African slaves. The families of the IrishAfrican slaves and the plantation owner are intrinsically linked for generations. The injustices are cruel and punctuated with racism, bigotry, and classism. Though a very compelling story and I could hardly put it down, it is also a very sad story.


Only Time Will Tell

By Jeffrey  Archer 

This novel tells the story of a young boy who because of exceptional talent is awarded an education that would not have otherwise been available to him. He comes of age as the second world war looms in the near future. I love the author’s characterization. The characters range from the truly evil to the completely naive. Their personalities are familiar, which allows the reader to immediately feel empathy and become invested in the eventual outcome of some of the characters. Truly and surprising and exceptionally good read. I will certainly read the next novel in the Series.

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