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Times of Joy and Sorrow

Kindle Store from March 9 – March 13

This is a collection of African American short literature.

The Short Story

It is difficult to say exactly when the short story came into existence but its origins lie in humans desire to retell an experience. Many cultures pass down their oral history through storytelling. Storytellers in the West African Mende and Mali tribes are called “Griots.” They are musicians and storytellers, retelling the history of the people through entertainment.

The short story has evolved over the years to an art form that is able to touch every human emotion and is only limited by the imagination of the writer.

The inspiration for my short stories can come in varied forms. It could be a tragic news report, a touching love song, or a new or interesting look at an historical event or period. Something sparks my imagination and my mind goes into the “what if?” mode. These things I ponder for some time before a story begins to emerge.

This collection of short stories is a compilation of the best of all of the stories that I have written to date. I wanted to put them all together in one volume.

These are the stories in Times of Joy and Sorrow:

Cape Cod Love - A young woman’s first taste of love ends in tragedy.

Wyatt House - A young girl is raised believing that she has been abandoned by her parents, but in fact, they have never been apart. Read why these parents kept their identities secret from their own daughter.

The Eyes of Troy – When a young couple decides to adopt, the young man looks into the eyes of the child he had unwittingly abandoned in his teen years.

Initials of the Accused - A young man is accused of defacing a precious antique.

Purpose and Passion – A young newlywed woman struggles to find purpose in her life.

Blind Judgment - A homeless, blind man hates things and people he can’t even see.

Love Letters – A nursing home bound man is sadden because he can’t remember the face of his beloved wife until he reads the love letters that they shared during their marriage.

Hind Sight – He was so handsome and charming that Leah did see what a damaged man she was loving.

Broken - A Depression Era story of survival.

Passing - A mixed race young woman attempts to embrace the African American side of her heritage.

Wrong Side of Town – A well-to-do woman is having trouble accepting the girl her son has fallen in love with simply because she come from the “wrong side of town.”

The Day Little Africa Burned - A fictional account of the Tulsa Oklahoma race riots.

When Snowflakes Fall – A love story that moves and changes with the seasons.

Karma – A man must face the retribution of those he has stepped on or over in his rise to riches.

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