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  • The Big Move: A Life Changing Event

Just So You Know!

I’m calling this, The Big Move, because moving was the biggest thing to happen in my life in decades. It is also the major reason why I have been absent from the internet for the past month. My husband and I sold our family home of more than forty years and moved into a small apartment.

This was something that I had been contemplating for many years for a variety of reasons. The house was just too big for only two people; keeping our three bedroom house clean was becoming more and more difficult; and the upkeep of the house was becoming too expensive. However, the main reason that made this move appealing was the search for peace and quiet. The sounds of the city became disruptive to my creativity.

The soundtrack of inner city living included SUVs double parked and blasting music all hours of the day and night. I love and listen to all kinds of music from hip hop to classical but not when it is forced on me at a time that is not of my choosing. Besides the constant blare of police and ambulance sirens around the clock, there is also the roar of diesel engines from tow trucks from either the repo man or wreck haulers. At some point it became impossible for me to just tune out the background noise. I couldn’t write more than a page or two a day.

So with my mind made up, my husband and I put our house up for sale in February. It sold fairly quickly and the move was on.

There are no words that would adequately express how daunting a task it is to reduce forty years of living and collecting into a small apartment. Though it was difficult, we made the big move and I couldn’t be happier. I am not outside the city but close enough to the outskirts to find peace. When the sun goes down, the only sound I hear is that of chirping crickets. Early mornings bring the smell of honeysuckle and freshly cut grass.

We are still settling in and trying to adjust to new routines but I expect the remainder of 2017 to be very productive for me. I am working on the third book of the Legacy Series.


Lillian’s Diary

Please look forward to the next entry in Lillian’s diary coming soon.

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