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Updated: Aug 27

The Invisible Illness

I rarely, if ever, write a personal blog. I have always preferred to keep my personal life private. However, since I have been away from my blog and other writings for quite a few months, I feel an explanation may be warranted.

I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease almost twenty years ago and I have always been able to manage my disease and find time for reading, writing and crafting. As anyone who has ever had an autoimmune disease can testify, it is a very unpredictable illness. There are good days and sometimes there are extremely bad days. Recently, I have had more bad days than usual, keeping me from doing some of the things that I enjoy.

Besides dealing with my own health issues, my husband has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, which is debilitating both mentally and physically.

Evan so, I am still reading, writing and crafting. I just don’t have as much time or energy for these pursuits as I had in the past. Of course this means that there will certainly be more time between post but I will keep posting. Look for a new Lydia James, Detective short story soon and an African American History blog in the near future.

Also, I have decided to share my crafts in my blog. I am a knitter. Knitting is a kind of therapy for me. It helps me to relax. I am sometimes able to process while knitting.

I have knitted many wearable items over the years but socks have become my passion. Below is my first pair of cable socks.

Pattern: Socks on a Plane from Ravelry

Yarn: Stripes are Felici Sock Yarn

Cuffs, heels, and toes is Stroll from Knit Picks

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