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Through My Literary Lens: Pathway to Illiteracy

Updated: Mar 20

As a lover of the written word and also a writer of historical fiction, it is heart wrenching to learn that some people seek to ban any books. The reasons are unclear but it has been said that some books may make parents and/or students feel uncomfortable. In my experience, the books that prompt deep thought are the same books that may cause uncomfortable feelings.

Such a practice will result in a society of uneducated and narrow minded people. Reading is fundamental. When we learn of cultures not our own, we develop empathy for others and broaden our world view. Exposure to literature in every form is educational.

Banning books is not new and it has never stood. To restrict books that will educate people about history, politics, and culture, no matter how unpleasant, is a futile attempt to blind society and create an artificial reality. Contrary to what some believe, banning books will not create good citizens.

Keep reading, my fellow book lovers. Reading does the mind and the soul good.


Lydia’s Obsession

A short mystery/crime story

When Lydia, a young lawyer finds a murdered

art student in her apartment building,

she becomes obsessed with finding her killer.

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