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Historical Fiction Novels

The Legacy Series


The Vance Legacy details the consequences that ensue when a thirty-year-old lie comes to light, revealing a dangerous family secret. This American story moves from the bigotry of class separation in old Philadelphia society to the violent dogma of a 1830s southern tobacco plantation.

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The Vance Legacy continues . . .

The three Vance women leave the devastation of Virginia for new life in Philadelphia.  All three courageous women are searching for life after David Vance. While Lillian is blessed to find the first friendship she has ever known and Beth embarks on a promising romance, Rebecca is deluded into thinking that with her light complexion, long hair and green eyes, she can simply stop being a Negro. It is a delusion that will put her life in jeopardy.  

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The Bowman Legacy is a novel of love, freedom, and war.


The Bowman Legacy chronicles the lives of people who bravely survived the atrocities of slavery and subsequently worked hard to help others find freedom. The young men of Timbuctoo, New Jersey, eagerly join the Union Army and bravely fight to end slavery. The War will change all of their lives forever.

A Collection of Short African American Stories

This is a collection of stories was written over many years. The stories in this book are both historical and contemporary and address some of the social ills of our society. Fourteen wonderful stories that I hope will touch your heart.

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